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  Editora FIEL (Faithful Publishing House) is a Brazilian non-profit religious organization that works in partnership with  Christian Literature Advance, a South Carolina-based 501-C3 non-profit mission. Both ministries are fruit of the missionary vision of  James Richard Denham, Jr. and his wife Pearl Armen Denham.

  We seek to spread among Portuguese-speaking peoples worldwide the truths of biblical Christianity, the contours of which have been shaped by the doctrines of sovereign grace, which gave birth to the Reformation and center upon the glorious redeeming work of Jesus Christ, the Son of God and the only Mediator between God and man.

  In order to make available to the Portuguese-speaking churches sound biblical tools to both educate and edify its spiritual leaders, FIEL developed and operates through four interrelated ministries: 

  a -Editora FIEL (Faithful Publishing House): This publishing arm of Editora FIEL is responsible for the production and distribution of Christ-honoring books, magazines, tracts, booklets and audio-visual materials.

  b -Annual Conferences: Annual leadership conferences are held in Brazil, Portugal, and Mozambique. While the conferences are primarily aimed at teaching and training pastors and church leaders, family members and seminary students are also welcomed to attend and often do. The conference bookstore offers books at discounted prices.

  c -Adopt a Pastor Project: Through this project, a sponsor (church or individual) can provide for a pastor one book a month and the opportunity to participate in the annual conference in his respective country. Pastors receiving the benefit of sponsorship are located in various countries, including Brazil, Portugal, Mozambique, and Angola.

  d -"Faith for Today" magazine:  "Faith for Today", a quarterly magazine dedicated to the promulgation of those great truths that spawned the Reformation and is sent free of charge to over 20,000 pastors and seminary students in Brazil, Portugal, Mozambique, and Angola. Found in this magazine are carefully selected articles penned by God's servants from past and present generations that encourage pastors to hold fast to the unchanging truths of the Word.

  A heart for missions led James Richard Denham, Sr. and his wife Aletha to spend a year in China following the end of World War II. When China closed its doors to foreigners, they went to Argentina for a year to study missions. To return to the States, the Denhams chose the inland route which required traveling 600 miles by boat up the Madeira River, followed by some 900 miles down the Amazon. They inquired about Christians at every port along the Madeira River, but not a single Christian was reported by the locals. The vision of a mission to Amazonia was born out of a burden for that vast, spiritually barren field. In 1952, God having arrested Rich (James Richard Denham, Jr.) and Pearl’s hearts with the same vision, they sold their few possessions, left the pastorate of a church in Oregon, and purchased air passage to accompany Rich’s parents as the first missionaries of the new mission.

The couple settled in the small river port of Manicoré where they were immediately met by strong opposition led by two Roman Catholic priests. God’s Word courageously preached in spite of opposition soon brought forth lasting fruit. The church that was born stands today as a monument to God’s grace. In the late 1950’s Rich and Pearl moved to the city of Manaus and opened the first evangelical bookstore in the state of Amazonas. After later on embracing the doctrines of grace through reading the publications of Banner of Truth Trust, Rich was struck with a new vision of reaching the Portuguese-speaking world with sound Biblical truth.

Pearl’s health had failed twice in the tropics, so the couple moved south to São Paulo (the industrial hub of Brazil’s rapidly growing economy) to begin a publishing ministry that would last the rest of their lives. A gift from Banner of Truth Trust made possible the first of more than 170 books that have since been published.
In the 1980’s the Denhams moved to the city of São José dos Campos where they along with two other families founded Grace Baptist Church. Seeing the need for well-trained church leadership, Rich started the annual FIEL Conference for Pastors and Leaders which today attracts over 1,300 people in Brazil. FIEL conferences are also held in Portugal, Mozambique, and Angola.

The Adopt a Pastor Project and “Faith for Today” magazine grew out of Rich’s increasing burden to spread the doctrines of grace throughout the Portuguese-speaking world and to assist in the training of pastors and church leaders in the hopes of reaching even more people with the Biblical truth of the gospel.

Today Richard and Pearl Denham, both born in 1927, are still very active in the ministry of FIEL (Faithful) Publishing House. If you would like to write to them at jrdenham@aol.com, they would love to hear from you.

  Rick Denham, the eldest son of Richard and Pearl Denham, is the managing member of FIEL's board of directors. 

  In 2003, Rick left his successful merchandising business of thirteen years in the United States and, along with his family, moved to Brazil to assist his father in the ministry. Rick brings to FIEL his extensive experience with marketing and product development and currently oversees the proliferation of FIEL's work in the various Portuguese-speaking countries. 

  He is also involved with the development of partnerships with other like-minded ministries, in order to bring to the field the latest and best resources that have been developed for the spread of the Gospel.

  Rick is married to Kimberlie, and together they have a son, James Richard Denham IV, and a daughter, Lilah Denham. 

  If you have any questions about the ministry, volunteer opportunities, or how you or your church can partner with FIEL, please feel free to email Rick at rickdiii@aol.com.

  Tiago Santos came to Christ when he was a young man through the influence of the local church and the witnessing of Richard Denham. After graduating from law school in Brazil, Tiago left a promising job with Brazil's Embraer Company to take the position as general manager of FIEL Publishing House. Using his previous experience in law and business, he now plays a leading role in the various divisions of the ministry with special emphasis in FIEL's editorial work. Today, it is a joy for Tiago to stand beside the one whom the Lord so greatly used in his conversion.

  He is a deacon at Grace Baptist Church in São José dos Campos where he ministers in teaching and preaching. He and his wife Elaine have three children: Tiago III, Gabriel and Rebeca.

  Because of his knowledge of English and Portuguese, you may contact him in either language at tjsfilho@editorafiel.com.br.

  In 1992, following his BS degree in Geography at The University of North Alabama, Kevin Millard graduated from Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary with a Master of Divinity degree.  He and his family then went on to serve as missionaries in Albania ( Eastern Europe) for five years before coming to Brazil in May of 2000, whereupon Kevin founded Faithful Baptist Church in Niteroi (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil). In July 2007, having served for over 14 years in the pastoral ministry—including positions as assistant pastor and youth pastor in various churches—Kevin joined FIEL, coordinating the Adopt a Pastor project as well as helping with the yearly FIEL college conference.

  He has been married to Edineia for 14 years and they have two children, Deborah Ann and Stephen Millard. 

  If you or your church would like to know more about how to get involved with the Adopt a Pastor project, please write to Kevin at pastors@editorafiel.com.br.


  Pray that our Lord will uphold this ministry with His mighty hand and guard it in truth. We pray that the efforts of this mission—reaching His people with careful instruction in the Way and admonishment for more godly lives—will bear fruit that perfectly corresponds to His holy will. We plead with the Lord to always lead all our ministries according to the way that pleases Him. May the Lord allow us to publish only literary works that magnify and exalt the wonderful attributes of our God; that bring comfort, perseverance, and hope through the example of His godly servants who have gone before us; that guide parents, children, and youth in their interrelated relationships and respective duties according to God’s standards set forth in His unerring and inspired Scriptures; that reveal in an excellent and unassailable way the Creator of an inexorable universe; that enrapture the soul with devotionals reflecting the sublimity and sweetness of the Christian life; that bring teaching and incentive to study with precision the original languages of Scripture; that present the word of salvation in obedience to Christ’s supreme commandment to Christians to preach the true gospel; that offer substantial content for counseling according to Biblical orientation. May these published works outlive ourselves. May they be used by God to equip pastors to better shepherd their flocks, and may God’s grace prevail in the minds and hearts of those whose eyes at least scan the pages of our books and magazines. “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.”

  We ask the Lord to grant us strength and wisdom to continue with the ministries of the magazine, "Faith for Today", the Adopt a Pastor project, and the conferences, that these tools may be increasingly available to and significant in the lives of His servants who have benefited from them. 

  May the truths of God's grace that shook our world since Luther and Calvin continue to reverberate throughout the Portuguese-speaking world, as we render our simple contribution to the sacred purpose of the establishment and growth of our Lord’s kingdom on this earth until He returns. And may God see fit to use us in some way for generations to come...for His glory.

  In His Bonds,
  James Richard Denham


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